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Classes & Community
- 1-2 new Fiber Art Classes Every Month led by expert artists

- Monthly Zoom Call

- Facebook Community

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- VIP Status (15% off storewide)
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Monthly Subscription
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From our customers

New to needle felting and simply LOVE it! I learn something new every day and am having so much fun going through the process! Acorns and Twigs has everything a newbie felter or expert level might need!

Customer Review

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Author's name
Los Angeles, CA

So cute!

What a fun project! I'm going to be trying other critters soon!

Customer Review

I'm not very artistic, but this craft let's me be a bit creative without needing a lot of talent.

Customer Review

Very easy to use and helps me relax after a stressful day.

Customer Review

Thank you for providing the opportunity. I love the idea of doing the crafts alongside the videos. I am most interested in the macrame and weaving. Felting will be something completely new and embroidery will take me back to my pre-teen years. Your course offering is right up my alley and I hope it provides just the spark I need to start crafting this year. Thank you for all of the information being provided"

Fiber Fiesta Attendee

Great Service, friendly and welcoming to new customers. Ordered for the first time PRO potholder loom and extra loops, got welcoming letter and very fast shipping, will definitely order again.

Customer Review

Add customer reviews and testimonials to showcase your store’s happy customers.

Author's name
Los Angeles, CA

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First, please understand the difference between the membership and the subscription:

The MEMBERSHIP, is digital only and can be canceled any time, but not refunded once charged. We send out an automatic reminder email before the recharge, giving you plenty of time to cancel before the renewal.

To cancel, simply log into your account and mange your membership yourself.

You will have access to the facebook group and library until your paid month is over.


The physical SUBSCRIPTION box, on the on the on the other hand, is a 3 month commitment. No early cancelations and no refunds. We depend on your commitment when we order supplies and make the kits. I hope you can understand.

You will be charged the first time on the day you sign up and then...

MEMBERSHIP charges are renewed the 1st of the month. If today is within 10 days of the end of the month, you will not be charged on the upcoming 1st, rather a month later, to avoid being charged twice in such a short period.

SUBSCRIPTION charges are either charged on the 15th of the month for 3 consecutive months or only once if you choose the Pay In Full option. The subscription does not auto-renew after the 3 months are over.

If you are interested in getting another 3 months of boxes auto shipped, you'll have to re-subscribe.

Keep in mind, boxes are limited and it's a first come first serve situation, KOC members will get first dibs and we will announce when doors are open inside the membership!

Only if you order the 3 month subscription box.

The MEMBERSHIP does not include any physical items.

The SUBSCRIPTION box will include all supplies for the 1-2 classes each month.