Create Your Own Fuzzy Friends

The Keep On Needle Felting Club is a monthly membership to unlock your inner artist.

Every month we'll work on the same kit together in a private Facebook Group and carve out some much appreciated "unwind" time.

But don't let the fun stop with just you! We encourage you to share the joy of felting with someone you love. Invite a friend or family member to join you in the crafting experience and create together. It's the perfect opportunity to bond over a shared interest, relax and make lasting memories.

What You Get:

A new tutorial released every month

Each month's project will be demonstrated for you to watch along. Pause, rewind and speed up the video as you need.

Share your work and get inspired by others!

You'll get access to our exclusive Keep On Crafting Facebook Group, where you can join in the conversations, get feedback and find inspiration all month long!

Monthly materials shipped to you

We'll provide you with the tools and supplies needed to make that month's project.

Keep On Needle Felting

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Keep On Needle Felting

Regular price $39.99

  • Ships on the 7th of each month
  • You'll be charged today for your first kit, which ships on the 7th
  • Next charge is the 5th of next month
  • You'll get an email with all the info and an invite link to the private Facebook Group 10 minutes after purchase!

You may cancel at any time! Please log into you account to manage your membership at any time.

Charges are on the 5th of every month, and you will get a complementary email 3 days before the next charge as a heads up.

Once charged, that month's membership cannot be canceled/refunded.

So for example, if you send us an email on the 6th of the month wishing to cancel, it will be effective immediately. You will still get the current month's supplies and access to the Facebook group (since you were already charged for it on the 5th) but no further boxes.

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See further FAQ's at the bottom of this page.

The KOF membership does not have VIP discounted pricing and is not included in the benefits of the Oak Club Membership at this time.

Transform Wool into Art

Discover the Joy of Needle Felting with Our Monthly Membership!

An easy, beginner friendly project will either be pulled from our shelves, curated with other artists, designed by Jenn, or sourced from other great suppliers.

The project will be kept a surprise - because surprises are fun! Follow us on social media to catch sneak peeks and hints throughout the month!

Our kits are suitable for any age, even children with adult supervision! Projects can be completed in an afternoon, and no previous craft skills are required!

We'll send you everything you need...

Each month's shipment will include the wool, new felting needles and printed instructions.

Your first box will also include a reusable foam!

Your supplies ship on the 7th (unless it falls on the weekend) and the tutorial is released in the group around the 12th.

Each tutorial will be available for the entire month inside the Facebook group, and removed when the new month's tutorial is uploaded.

But don't worry, each kit also includes written instructions so you can still do it at a later time, but we do encourage you to watch the tutorial while it's available!

Meet Jenn...

From our customers


I'm not very artistic, but this craft let's me be a bit creative without needing a lot of talent.

Customer Review

Recent Purchase

New to needle felting and simply LOVE it! I learn something new every day and am having so much fun going through the process! Acorns and Twigs has everything a newbie felter or expert level... Read more

Customer Review

So cute!

What a fun project! I'm going to be trying other critters soon!

Customer Review

Very easy to use and helps me relax after a stressful day.

Customer Review

When I was a kid, we used to make these in teh summer and sell them to neighbors, who kindly bought them.

Facebook Comment

Great Service, friendly and welcoming to new customers. Ordered for the first time PRO potholder loom and extra loops, got welcoming letter and very fast shipping, will definitely order again.

Customer Review

I just got my box delivered! I ordered a potholder loom and lots of colorful loops. I'm so excited! I'm 66 years old and you would think I was a little girl with a birthday or Christmas gift. I'm anxious to get busy making potholders. How fun is this? Thanks so much!



Yes! You can easily cancel your membership at any time.

To cancel, simply log into your account and mange your membership yourself.

You will have access to the facebook group until your paid month is over.

Your first payment will get charged immediately after you place your order, after that all payments process on the 5th of every month. 

We will ship all kits on the 7th of the month, unless it falls on a weekend or holiday, in which case we'll ship on the business day closest to the 7th.

Sometimes payments don't go through on the 5th due to insufficient funds or an expired card. In this case, we will automatically re-try everyday for 3 consecutive days. If we have your phone number on file, we will try to call you to get everything squared away.

If we are still unable to charge your account, your membership will be canceled and you will be removed from our paid facebook group, and you will have re-join the membership when the doors are open, as a new member, at the new price of the membership, incase we raise the price.

Yes, everything is ready to go and user-friendly!

Your first shipment will include a foam, which is reusable. We will include a new foam in every 4th shipment.

Each kit will include the wool and materials needed, new felting needles incase yours broke, and written instructions with plenty of pictures.

Sometimes a project might call for simple household items such as scissors, needle and thread or a ruler. These items are not included.

Yes, you'll be able to use your information for the billing portion and add your grandchild, friend, sister etc. in for shipping details. 

If you are purchasing multiple memberships (perhaps one for yourself and one for a friend), we ask you place two separate orders so the shipping labels don't get mixed up. 

Please provide us with their facebook user name /email so that they can be accepted into the private facebook group as well!

We are more than happy to assist you with this, if needed.

Yes, you can log in to your account on the website and update your personal information.