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- 4 New Digital Patterns Every Month

- Monthly Zoom Call

- Facebook Community

- 1st Dibs On All New Potholder Products

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- Four 8x8" printed potholder pattern cards

- PRO sized loops in the exact amount and colors need to complete the patterns

- Limited Spots

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The KOL box does not have VIP discounted pricing and is not included in the benefits of the Oak Club Membership at this time.

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From our customers


I'm not very artistic, but this craft let's me be a bit creative without needing a lot of talent.

Customer Review

I still have some of these from my childhood. They are my favorite potholders

Facebook Comment

These are quality, 100% cotton loops. All have fit on my loom; there have been no wast at all! I'm very pleased!

Customer Review

These are my favorite potholders!

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Very easy to use and helps me relax after a stressful day.

Customer Review

Great Service, friendly and welcoming to new customers. Ordered for the first time PRO potholder loom and extra loops, got welcoming letter and very fast shipping, will definitely order again.

Customer Review

I just got my box delivered! I ordered a potholder loom and lots of colorful loops. I'm so excited! I'm 66 years old and you would think I was a little girl with a birthday or Christmas gift. I'm anxious to get busy making potholders. How fun is this? Thanks so much!


When I was a kid, we used to make these in teh summer and sell them to neighbors, who kindly bought them.

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Our boxes ship 3rd week of the month and the contents will be themed for the following month. That allows the box to get to you quickly and you'll still have enough time to make the potholders before you need them to decorate for the following month. 

We'll typically be keeping the patterns a surprise, but we will give you sneak peeks of the theme and design that inspired us. 

The box will include four printed pattern cards (do one a week to keep the weaving fun going all month) and the exact number of colored cotton PRO™ friendly loom loops needed for that month's patterns. 

Are you a looper? Wanna be one?

Are you stuck in a rut with the same 'ol patterns and designs?

Feeling bored, uninspired and needing a challenge?

Do you want to be inspired by someone else & share your weaving journey with other loopers?

Or maybe you're unexperienced, confused and possibly even a bit anxious with all the options? I'm sure you're not interested in wasting time going down a rabbit hole searching for new patterns and inspiration.

Wouldn't you rather be using your free time focusing on making potholders instead of shopping and researching endless decisions? 

Tired of picking out meaningless gifts for loved ones, simply for the sake of not being caught empty handed?

Memory Making in A Box
What would you do with a monthly box of loops?
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Well, I have exciting news for you!

Because what I'm going to help you do is every month I'm going to send you fresh, new designs to tackle.

Giving you a new perspective by challenging you to expand outside your "norm" with unexpected loop colors and patterns. 

I'm going to make it easy with the sub box, by giving you the supplies and we'll be working on the projects together giving you confidence and something to look forward to.

This will save you a ton of time and you'll always have the supplies at hand when the mood strikes you.

No need to learn new skills or commit days or weeks to get a project done - it only takes a couple of hours ( believe me - time flies when you're working on your loom) and is compact enough to take with you on your next weekend get away.

Bring back childhood memories and take the opportunity to connect with younger generations by creating meaningful & purposeful gifts. 

This is a soothing hobby that gives you inner peace and contentment, all of which is going to create a far more exciting experience! 

No More Planning

We've done the heavy lifting. Get four new potholder patterns every month. We'll have a different theme each time and it will always be a surprise and delight!

Save Time Shopping

Ever go into the store to get one thing but come out an hour later with five? We'll send you everything you need in the sub box to make the potholders of the month, right to your door. Avoid all the distractions!

Get Happy Mail

It's time to do something for yourself. You'll love seeing that orange box on your porch. Enjoy a few hours of meditative "me time" with your loom every month. 

Loom Sold Separately

The PRO loom is not included, so if you don't have one yet, please add it to your cart as well!

Monthly Subscription Box

Every month we'll send you one of these bright and friendly Keep On Looping boxes, right to your door. We will ship each box in the third week of the month.

Loops Galore!

We will sort and count out the carefully curated Harrisville Designs PRO (10") sized cotton loops in the exact quantity of each color needed to complete the current month's patterns.

XXL Pattern Cards

You'll get four pattern cards printed big enough to easily read and follow along while weaving. The pattern cards are 8" x 8" and on the back side you'll find a photo of a finished design, so you can see how your potholder will actually look when finished. Grab our handy Pattern Box in the shop to keep all your patterns stored together, nice and tidy!
Patterns & Community
Digital Membership
- 4 New Digital Patterns Every Month
- Monthly Zoom Call
- Facebook Community
- 1st Dibs On All New Potholder Products & Sub box releases
- VIP Status (15% off storewide)
Supplies on Auto-Ship
Monthly Subscription Box
- Membership Included
- Four 8x8" printed potholder pattern cards
- PRO sized loops in the exact amount and colors need to complete the patterns
- Limited Spots


Yes, currently the subscription is only for the larger 10" PRO size.

We do have the smaller loop box in the planning for a launch as soon as production allows!

Yes! You can easily cancel your subscription and/or membership at any time.

To cancel, simply log into your account and mange your subscription yourself.

Your first payment will get charged immediately after you place your order, after that all payments process on the 1st of every month. 

Only if you order the subscription box.

The MEMBERSHIP does not include any physical items.

The SUBSCRIPTION box will include all supplies for the 4 patterns released each month.

You will need a large, 10" PRO sized loom and the tools that come with it (crochet hook and metal hook), which is available in our store, and will be offered to you before you check out to make sure you have everything you need to hit the ground running.

All subscriptions ship by the third week of each month. The contents are themed for the following month.

Meaning for example, April's box will ship by end of March. This assures that you will be getting holiday sensitive themes in time to make and decorate before the holiday. This is especially important for holidays like Easter or 4th of July.