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Wooden Rings
Kathy S.
Rings, just what I needed

Just what I needed to finish my potholders. Look great.

Fantastic products

Great service and products. Will order again!

Bright colors

The variety of colors makes mixing patterns and colors fun. I enjoy planning my potholders and especially like them in the 10" size.

Fun patriotic craft

Having fun designing red wt and blue patterns

Stringy loops

Many of the loops in the bag were very “string-y.” When stretched, the loose thread would continue to pull away from the loop altogether. Not what I expected.

Tussah Silk
Carol H.
Great product

Fast delivery and really nice product

Love it

Nice product and fast delivery.

Earthtones loops

I think I will really enjoy using these colors. They are so different from what I typically choose…blues and purples. Now to figure out some patterns!

Best place for loom loops

I was happy to find a way to order just a small amount of specific colors to add to my loops. These small single color bundles are the perfect way to try a new color or but just a few of specific colors for a project. Fast shipping too.

Olive oil soap

I bought it for wet felting but after I saw what it did for my aged hands I moved it into my shower and love the luxurious softness and moisture it gives my skin. Next…… I will moisten a cloth with some olive oil soap and wash down my antique unstained furniture do a lush cleaning. Then back to felting….. lol


I do quite a few craft shows. My husband likes making the pot holders for me. Made over 100 so far.

Great tool to teach the basics of weaving

I bought these looms for my fiber arts students an opportunity to learn a little about weaving, but now I’m hooked, too! If you’re going to be weaving a lot, you should consider joining the Oak Club VIP Membership to save on your loops. I’m a felting artists, and I’ve been a customer of Acorns & Twigs for several years. I highly recommend them to you!

Beautiful colors!

I ordered 4 colors and have made 8 potholders and every one is different but coordinated! I have already gifted two of these.

Fabulous colors, high quality

I’m fascinated with the endless design possibilities with these high quality potholder loops.
The vibrant colors and ease of use have caught the attention of our grandchildren too, so there is always a potholder in progress. I had to buy a second loom with my second order of loops!

These Are the Best Loops!

I am really enjoying these Loops.. having a wide color selection makes creating new combinations a lot of fun! Love making custom colors to go with recipients decor!

Great loops!

Pretty colors, good quality loops.

Very happy

They came sooner than expected.
Just as ordered! I can't take a picture because I have already added them to my color stash

Love this kit!!

Love this collection of 100% wool yarn in a curated color harmony, I chose Ocean. Just the right amount for a small tapestry, comple with cotton warp thread. Looking forward to using it in upcoming tapestry classes I'm preparing to teach online. I'll refer students to this great shop!

Great Little Starter Loom!

My grandchildren, ages 5&7, just love this loom. It is easy for them, once you embrace the saori gestalt and let them do whatever works!
They learned weaving on my lap, with my workhorse 50” Norwood floor loom. They made amazing woven art, although the youngest, my grandson did sneak in and muck up my warp!
It is so important to embrace creativity in children! I buy many yarns of different textures at a upcycle art store, and let them go wild.
As a retired ob gyn, I find weaving so relaxing! I even bought one of these looms for myself because I cannot stand doing nothing with my hands.
I highly recommend this little loom for any level of weaver.

PS I can get pictures from my daughter of their wall hanging, and them weaving if you want.

Fast shipping

Your product are very good thank you

Throw back fun

Going through a box of stuff from my mother's house I found the loop loom from my childhood... I decided that I wanted to relive the experience so I search online for loops and ended up here. The quality was so much better than the loops of my childhood. I had fun...and made enough to to keep and to share. I loved playing with patterns. I even made a second order.

Pro loops

Great selection beautiful colors

Great Colors, Speedy Delivery

Acorn and Twigs deliveries arrive promptly, always neatly packaged too. I always look forward to their delivery.