9'x3' Giant Playsilk- Earth colors


9'x3' Giant Playsilk- Earth colors

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Please Note: These are still the now discontinued "exra large" sized silks. These silks are 9ft long. Sarah's Silks no longer makes this size. Their new collection is 6 ft long. Once these are sold out, they will not be restocked in the 9ft size! 

Giant Earth Playsilks feature beautifully blended colors designed for children to play with in ways that reinforce a love for Mother Earth.

Playsilks are inspiring, magical toys that children will be drawn to play with time and time again. The simplicity and open-ended nature of Playsilks tap directly into the child's creative potential.

  • Open-ended play with Playsilks allows children to express their imagination and support their independence.
  • Nourishing the senses with Playsilks gives the child an amazing tactile experience.
  • Growing with the child sets our Playsilks apart from any other toy, allowing for a limitless range of play possibilities, and years of lasting play value.

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  • 108x35 inches (9'x3')
  • hand-painted
  • lightweight (5 momme)
  • 100% pure silk

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    Customer Reviews

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    Dana O.

    Gorgeous!! I loved it...just what I hoped for.

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